November 26, 2020

After you have lived in your home a little while you might start to notice that you need a change.  Or perhaps you know that you are going to want to sell eventually and you want to clean things up.  Either way, there are lots of ways to go about renovating your home.  Here are a few of the more simple ways you can address this.


Yes, it sounds simple—and it is—but you might be surprised just how effective this can be.  A fresh coat of paint can, in fact, work wonders on an older house that is still structurally sound.  Essentially it is just a face lift, just a little cosmetic procedure to keep everything feeling new and fresh.  Keep in mind that different colors are more attractive in different rooms, particularly with windows facing the sunlight (at different times of the day).


Now, a lot of homes already have hardwood floors, or they have hardwood floors beneath their carpeting.  You can figure this out pretty quickly.  People, these days, really love hardwood (probably because it is much easier to keep clean than carpet).  If you think installing hardwood is a feasible option for you, it might be wise to investigate this strategy (and look for some area rugs while you’re at it: they’ll help make things feel less bare, and add a little texture).


Each room is different (as briefly mentioned above). As such, make sure that you consider the function of each room and how much natural light it will utilize.  Natural light is particularly important because it affects how much electricity you need to use.

In addition, to this—and particularly if you are on a budget—realize that not all room values are equal. For example, the kitchen is the most often used room in the house and is often the space which solidifies a sale, so Renovco kitchen remodeling might be a wise investment. On the other hand, you could find yourself spending so much more money on a relatively smaller bathroom because those renovation jobs are far more complicated.


Do not forget to show the exterior of your home a little love, too.  A new front door, repainted or replaced trim, and even new window treatments can also work wonders—at a reasonable price—to make your home all the more beautiful.

Zayd Mavis

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