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July 11, 2020

Man has been using wood to build tools, structures, and other useful things. Indeed, wood has long been a favorite of crafty Man, as it is abundant in nature and quite renewable. It helps, too, that wood is such a versatile material.

In our modern world, of course, we still use wood quite a bit. Even our homes are made of wood—though it is often easy to forget, since the outer layer can be aluminum siding or just so well painted that we forget what is underneath.

Inside your home, though, there may no room better suited for a wooden renovation than your kitchen. You might think that sounds a bit counterintuitive, but take a look at these popular Divine Cabinetry kitchen designs and you will agree.


Driving through a mountain town or visiting a ski lodge will expose you to this classic type of kitchen.  Log cabins, of course, were long the type of house that early settlers in North America built.  Inside these structures are spacious living quarters, with open air allowing for free movement.  The rustic kitchen, then, will feature a vaulted ceiling with gorgeous, exposed wood beams that you probably won’t even have to paint or stain (but, of course, you need to seal them).


For a classic, Old World Mediterranean style galley, install deep, dark, wooden cabinets In your kitchen. Use dark stains to further the conceit along your kitchen’s wood paneled kitchen island; expansive windows will let in lots of natural light to create a warm, spacious, inviting room, especially if these windows are Westerly.


Of course, the kitchen is supposed to be a room for food preparation and not just focused on looking good. With a Butler’s Pantry-style kitchen, though, you get a bit of the best of both worlds.  A broad and deep, versatile wooden pantry allows for more food storage for efficient food preparation and, when supported by shirred fabric backs and wire fronts, gives off a bit of a provincial France vibe.


Finally, with the long, horizontal grains of furtive maple, the cabinetry of this kitchen makes a bold focal point. When paired with long panels of similar wood veneers, you can evoke a wondrous sense of freedom and wanderlust and adventure in this open floor plan.

Zayd Mavis

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