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July 10, 2020

If you are planning to bring home a refrigerator this summer, then you should keep in mind various points before buying the product. The most important factor one should look in electronics is that whether the product you are buying is energy efficient or not. Refrigerator is an appliance which works r 24×7 in your house, so it is required that it is provided with low power consumption. After that you should make it a point to go through the features and the capacity of the refrigerator you want. However, people often get confused between whether they should buy direct cool refrigerators or go for frost free refrigerators. Before going further in deciding amongst Godrej refrigerators, LG, Samsung, etc first you should understand the difference between a direct cool refrigerator and a frost free refrigerator

Direct Cool Refrigerators

In a direct cool refrigerator cooling is done with the help of natural convection. Such refrigerators maintain consistent temperature so it is not that effective in keeping the food fresh. These types of refrigerators often require manual defrosting to remove ice within the freezer.

Frost Free Refrigerators

These kinds of refrigerators do not require manual defrosting. To achieve frost free refrigeration, cool air is allowed to circulate via electric fans. As there is no ice to keep the freezer cool there is no need of manual or semi- automatic defrosting. LG refrigerators are equipped with frost free refrigeration features which give quick ice and cooling to users.

Comparison between Direct Cool and Frost Free Refrigerators


If one wish to compare both the types on the basis of cost then direct cool refrigerators are quite cheaper than the frost free refrigerators as cooling in the latter is achieved with the help of electric fans which make the electronic appliance costlier.

Power Consumption

The difference also occurs between the two when the power consumption is considered. The direct cool refrigerators are observed to consume less electricity than the frost free refrigerators because frost free refrigeration is done with fans.


The direct cool refrigerators require manual defrosting while there is no such problem with the frost free refrigerators as there is no formation of ice. 


The two technologies also have a great effect on the capacity of the refrigerators. Direct cool refrigerators are available upto a capacity of 250 liters while frost free refrigerators are available upto a capacity of 650 litres.

Food Quality

The food quality in direct cool stays fresh for a short time period while in frost free refrigerators, users can keep the food fresh for a longer time frame.


Both direct cool and frost free possess their own set of pros and cons. Frost free technology has helped the electronics companies to manufacture refrigerators with larger capacities. Nowadays engineers are more focused to develop the technology and brands are too focusing on adopting this technology, for instance, Samsung refrigerators make use of this technology to provide the customers with best refrigerators in the market.

Zayd Mavis

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