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July 10, 2020

Lead poisoning has worst effects on the overall health of the people. It would be the younger children less than six years of age who are vulnerable to lead poisoning. It would be pertinent to mention here that older homes have higher chances of risk having lead based paints in them. A number of people would feel that if they have an older house, but do not have painted doors and windows, there would be no lead threat. It is a poor assumption. It would be pertinent to mention here that homes built before lead paints were outlawed in 1978 may have lead anywhere in the house. A number of older varnishes and stains along with other clear coats over natural wood items would contain lead, especially in homes built before 1950.

Dangers of lead in home

Over time, lead contamination has been the point of concern for several homes. It has been deemed highly dangerous for the family living in it. The health effects would be relatively more dangerous based on the amount of exposure. Being a parent of an infant, you should be aware about the things that your child is attracted to and where it would end up when your child gets hold of it. The child would put it into his mouth, which makes it the easiest mode of lead poisoning.

How to check for lead poisoning in your home

There would be two methods to check your home for lead poison. The foremost method would be hiring the certified lead-based paint inspector. He would visit your home; make use of XRF gun to analyze the paint in your home. It would be a costly method. While you are hiring the inspector, he could do paint chip samples. This method would also entail lab fees, which makes it yet another expensive method. The easiest and the most cost-effective method to check for lead would be doing your own screening. It would be relatively easy using a swab test kit. This lead checking home kit would be your best bet for instant lead check in your home. It has been allowed for certified renovator to make use of this kit within the EPA RRP program. It has been proven sensitive enough to detect lead down to the smallest amount. It would be pertinent to remember that the test kit would only show if you have lead in your house or not. It may not be able to tell how much lead is there in the house or what should be done to repair the damage.

Zayd Mavis

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