December 5, 2020

Tips for Renovating a Small Kitchen

Dec 4, 2019

If your kitchen has limited space, it can be a real challenge to plan a layout that is functional and doesn’t make the room look cluttered, and with space at a premium, here are a few tips to make best use of what space you do have.


  1. Custom Build your Cabinets – This enables you to make use of even the smallest of corners, and by using affordable kitchen designs in Lewisham, you have a professional layout that maximises use of space.
  2. Use Walls for Storage – There are many implements that can be hung on racks fixed to the walls, and you can build small spice racks and others storage units to hang in suitable places.
  1. Handle-less Cabinets – This will give a streamlined look and that will make the kitchen appear a little larger, and cabinets can be narrow to increase the main aisle space. The seamless look is ideal for the modern kitchen and with good use of glass and stainless-steel, you can create a futuristic kitchen.
  1. Use Cabinet Interiors – You can hang implements on the insides of cabinet doors and that will enable you to conceal many items that are not used on a daily basis.
  1. Wall-Mounted Storage – Lifting storage units off the ground and mounting them on the walls will give you more floor space, and with bespoke creations, the units will fit perfectly.

Designing a small kitchen requires the expertise of an experienced kitchen designer and most kitchen renovation specialists have a designer in their team.

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