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August 4, 2020

What Are the Best Ways to Understand Your House Plans

May 5, 2017

House plans come in different formats. They are considered as the blueprint of your house and are generally printed on a bond paper. They are also available in PDF form for ease of accessing and sending it to people. Specific terminologies are used in the creation of these plans. To understand them, it is important to learn about these terminologies.

Size of house plan

The house Plan Design has various standard sizes such as 18″ x 24″ for smallest homes, 24″ x 36″, 30″ x 42″ and 36″ x 48″ for very large and expensive homes. 24″ x 36″ is the commonest size of the house plan among house owners.

What is a builder plan?

These type of house plans are designed to illustrate a builder on how to make a particular design of the home. With this house plan, one can easily obtain a building permission in most of the jurisdictions.

What is stock house plan?

It is very important to make a note that stock house plans are efficiently made to fulfill the present IRC building code. Due to the differences in the region, variation in the local codes, snow loads, and building practices, a minor form of adjustments are needed to be made to the existing house plans. You can even contact your builder or hire a local designer to make those changes in the house plan.

What does a house plan include?

House plans are made to concentrate on the building and the architecture. It will not specify interior finish of the house.

Exterior Elevations

Exterior elevations are the places on the house plan where you can see the windows, exterior trim details and doors in a clear way. It also includes the height of the wall, ridge heights and roof pitches in their actual dimensions.

Floor Plans

Floor plans generally include all the electrical elements installed in the house. These can be lights, switches, plugs, plumbing, structural details like floor joists, cabinets, and other appliances.

Foundation or Basement Plans

This drawing shows the foundation of the house that includes all the footings and structural beams that are needed to offer support to the floors. If there is a basement, then foundation plan will also include the bearing walls, stairs and basement windows.

Roof Plan

Roof plan gives a complete view of the house from above. It shows the hips, ridges, valleys, rafter or truss.

Understanding house plan is very important for a house owner. The above-mentioned information would surely increase your knowledge on house plan and help you know it better.

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