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July 16, 2018
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Juice turns our meal into a complete one. As per one of the studies, slow juicing does have beneficial effects on our health to a great extent. Slow pressed juices are healthier and wholesome. Like preparing a healthy food takes time, slow juicing too kills your time but the outcome is unique.

You might have heard or read online about the slow juicer and the benefits of consuming slow pressed juices. Slow juicers are not new to the people.In fact, they have been available in the market since a few decades.

Juice is a great source of refreshment for our body, which boosts the energy level throughout the day and in summer they play a vital role in our life.

So, here are the benefits of using a slow juicer.

More Juice:

If you use slow juicer for extracting the juice from fruits or vegetables, you may end up getting more juice. As per one of the studies, about 35% more juice can be extracted by using slow juicer.

Natural Vitamins:

When you extract juice from a slow juicer, the whole process takes place in a slow compression method. The machine doesn’t get heated up and a cool temperature is maintained throughout the process. The cool process preserves all the essential vitamins and natural enzymes from the fruits or vegetables. On the other hand, a high speed juicer eliminates all the vitamins and enzymes that our body requires.

Natural Healing:

One of the main reasons to drink freshly prepared juice is to fight back diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, morning sickness, depression and many more. We all know that fruits are rich in nutrients with natural healing power. Since slow pressed juices retain more nutrients, the body’s immunity is increased.

Less Is More:

You have to use less fruits, but the end result will be more. Yes, you heard it right. Slow juicer requires less fruits for preparing juice. This means you can save money on fruits and vegetables with less wastage.

More Fibre Retention:

Slow juicers are known to generate more fibre which is a very good nutrient for health. This fibrous juice is good for children, mothers and also for the elderly people. Since there is minimal heat, minerals and antioxidants will be more, which are essential for a good health.

Increase Mental Alertness:

It’s time to kick away your readymade energy drink from your daily routine. Start taking juice prepared from slow juicer and you will feel the difference. This juice gives significant amount of nutrition and the energy level of the body increases. This implies that the level of mental alertness is also enhanced.

Longer Lasting:

Juice prepared from slow juicer can be stored for more than 72 hours, but the same cannot be expected from juice prepared from a high speed juicer. After 72 hours also, it retains the goodness of enzymes and vitamins that the juice originally had. In case of juice prepared using fast juicer,one has to consume it immediately after preparation or else it will lose its purity.

These are the multiple reasons why one should blindly go for slow juicer. For those who often work late and want a light meal with all vitamins for a healthy body,such a juicer is a boon. It is really healthier than anything else.


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