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December 14, 2018
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Do you know that a ceiling fan can make you feel at a temperature that is 4-5 Fahrenheit lower than the actual room temperature? If you think that a ceiling fan cools your home then you are wrong. A ceiling fan provides its cooling effect to the people and doesn’t cause any change in the temperature of the room as such. You must be wondering how it happens that you feel cooler but there is no effect on the temperature around you. There is a simple logic behind this. The air around you moves due to the action of the fan. This circulating air touches the surface of your body and removes the heat from the region of the body known as the boundary layer. This stripping of the warm air from around the body makes us feel cooler to the extent of almost a temperature 4 degree Fahrenheit lower.

There are a wide variety of ceiling fans in trend these days. Among them, the growing trend is that of the antique ceiling fans. In this article, we’ll tell you about the different kinds of antique fans you can install in your homes to give it a retro look.

Let’s get started.

There is a unique way to get the antique fans created and presented to the people. A royal and creative outlook towards art is needed to create and appreciate the beauty of the antique ceiling fans. Also, the antique fans are quite expensive in comparison to other ceiling fans. Generally, houses or palaces having large rooms have these kinds of antique fans. These fans look good in palatial spaces. The styles and designs used by an antique fan manufacturer are quite different than the normal ones. The antique fans have an altogether different colour and look, so they are manufactured accordingly.

Traditional Gyro Twin Ceiling Fan

This kind of fan has two fans attached to a single handle. It is styled in a classic manner. You can adjust the angle of elevation as per your needs. These fans are available in varied styles on various websites like Croma, pepper fry, atomberg, etc. Some variants of this twin fan also include halogen light with a shade. It can give a brilliant look to your room in which it is installed.

Fans made of Barnwood

There are some antique styles of ceiling fans which are made of wood and the blades are given a finish of walnut or teak. The use of the wood enhances the antiquity of the ceiling fan. Also, it will last a lifetime. You can install such ceiling fans if you wish to give an antique look to your home.

Also, there are many kinds of other antique ceiling fans available online like the ceiling fans for the balcony of your house, or fans with two, five, and eight blades. These fans have been manufactured keeping in mind the old cultures of the world.

Working of the Antique Fans

The antique ceiling fans work on the same principle as that of the normal fans. The design and construction are surely different but the motor is almost the same in both.

Antique fans are a way to showcase your culture to the guests and it also gives a grand look and grace to the room interiors. If you haven’t yet got an antique fan to your home then hurry and buy one soon. This site provides more information about the vintage and antique ceiling fans.


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