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July 16, 2018
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Education is so important to every country. Teaching our children provides them with the knowledge and confidence to grow up and to make the world a better place. That’s obviously the plan anyway. Creating a stable and soothing schooling environment that is encourages inquisitive minds and a love of learning is important and the design of school buildings plays into this. If you have hot and stuffy classrooms you are likely to see plenty of kids become too hot and bothered and not as likely to soak up the required information to succeed. Installing solar energy window film in schools could be just the answer to provide a stellar learning environment for the next generation.

Solar window film can be applied to existing windows, offering a range of benefits to both the school as an institution but most importantly for the children in the classroom on a daily basis. The first and major benefit is that solar window film helps to control the temperature in the classroom. When the temperature is rising outside and the sun is beating down on the window it is easy for children to feel the suns rays and become sweaty and tired. For anyone, a working or learning environment that is too hot is one that is uncomfortable and causes lack of concentration and tiredness. This is not the perfect condition for learning.

In addition to keeping the temperature cool, solar window film has been scientifically developed to block out damaging UV rays. Children sat in the classroom will no longer be exposed to the harmful rays, reducing the health risks associated with sitting in direct sunlight for too long. For the school, blocking out harmful UV rays will protect the integrity of the furniture present in the classroom and prevent fading. The natural wear and tear of furnishings that are sat in direct sunlight will slow down considerably.

If the teacher in a classroom is working on a white board, showing a video on a screen to pupils or the class is working on tablets or other devices, sunlight can cause glare. Solar energy window film prevents the disruption this can cause, negating the uncomfortable nature of having to squint at a screen that has been hit by the sunlight and keep productivity and concentration levels at the required rate.

Keeping the school environment cool and under temperature control due to solar energy window film will help to drastically reduce the energy bills that the educational establishment receives. The less money that is going to utility companies, the more that can be spent on the actual schooling of our children.


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