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July 16, 2018
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The modern day homes are designed to be more airy and spacious. Instead of cluttering up the living room area with many furniture and stuff, keeping it simple and less stuffy can not only increase the aesthetic sense of the homeowner but also it is healthier for the people living in that house. Gone are the times of the Victorians when they used to leave not an inch in their living rooms. You can keep your books, TV-unit along with the home theater system, a cute aquarium, indoor plants along with the Ercol sofa and divan.

Here, let’s take a look at some useful ideas for decorating the living room—

Use the wall to place the TV

These days most people prefer to use the wall to place the TV instead of buying another cabinet to place the television. Opt for the wall-mounted LED or LCD TV and in front of that fix a small bracket on which you can keep the DVD player or the DTH box. You can also use the surrounding walls to place the home theater amplifiers. So, like this, you can easily save more space instead of buying a TV-unit set.

Get a book rack on the wall instead of bookcase

Compared to the bookcases i.e. enclosed bookshelves, buying bookracks can be an affordable option as well as space-saving. You can easily place many books on those racks. If you have ample wall space, use the wall properly. You can get the racks on any of the walls and place the books in your living room.

Get a bar unit

If you’re fascinated to have a bar in your living area, you can get a trolley or a cozy bar unit that is comparatively smaller than the giant cellars but it must represent your good taste towards the home furnishing and of course to the cognacs you serve your guests.

Choose the Sofa smartly

You must do your prior homework before shopping the sofa of your dreams. Along with the shape and designs, you also have to have the concept of the various materials used in making the outer layers of the sofas. Usually, the whole leather sofas are always ruling the markets. The sofa cum beds can be a better choice to have the option to sit and sleep at the same time.

So, do remember these things while decorating the living room of yours.


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