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June 22, 2018
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If you own a buy-to-let property there is more to making a success than just cleaning, decorating, furnishing the place and then finding the right tenants. One of the biggest concerns for any landlord or property owner is how to bolster home security in order to keep tenants happy and the value of your home on the right track. Here we take a look at home security for buy-to-let properties.

Check All Windows and Locks – Before a new tenant moves in it is important to perform a full and in-depth check on all security aspects of the property. Go around and thoroughly check all potential entries and locks to ensure they are secure. Every lock must have a key attached and if anything doesn’t quite fit the bill fix or replace it! If you can’t find a key for a certain lock, it is much safer to get that lock changed and a new set of keys made for the tenant and you.

Keep Your Property Well Lit – This is especially important as the nights draw in and the dark hours are longer, but for any time of year it is important that the entrances to your property are well lit. In terms of your tenants feeling safe, as well as being a deterrent for any potential burglars, security lights around your buy to let property are a good investment.

Make Good Use of Parking Spots – Not every property will have a parking spot allocated to tenants, but if you do make sure that your tenants know about it and use it regularly. It will make your home appear as active as it actually is, which is a good thing in terms of warding off potential burglars, as well as allowing you and your tenants to keep a close eye on the security of their car.

Regular Maintenance Checks – For all home security systems, alarms, intercom systems, smoke and fire alarms; make sure that everything is checked on a regular basis. For some aspects of the property security this will be an annual occurrence. The safety and security of your buy to let property isn’t solely about preventing invasion and theft, it’s also to keep your tenants safe in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Keep Abreast of Local Burglary Prevention Campaigns – Whether it’s a Neighbourhood Watch scheme or other types of crime prevention and awareness, always keep an eye on the area your property is located, and encourage your tenants to do the same. The more eyes on a property the better for its security in the long-term.

Home security isn’t just about the property you live in. For those with a portfolio of properties and tenants to look after it is an important issue to be on top of. Looking after your properties will keep tenants happy as well as the value of your investments on the rise. It is never worth the risk of being sloppy with the security of your buy-to-let property.



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